Intelligent Armour’s new Universal Covert Shoulder Rig was developed from the company’s older H&K MP5 A3 and MP5K covert shoulder rigs. The Universal Covert Shoulder Rig is suitable for most “sub” size weapons – including compact / PDW type assault rifles.

The Covert Shoulder Rig is Made-In-The-UK and is designed to fit under most clothing, but will work best with jackets and long coats.


The upper section is made of leather and rests on the shoulders. It is adjustable in the center of the shoulder blades for a better fit. In all there are four points of adjustment that allow the rig to adjust to just about any body size.

The sling incorporates the military specification HK Snap Hook, and the sling comes in two sizes: short and long.  The sling can also be customized by the manufacturer to meet specific user requirements.

The MOLLE panel has adjustable belt loops, and is adjustable at the top so it can snugly fit under the arm.


If you have to covertly carry some serious heat, then the Universal Covert Shoulder Rig from Intelligent Armour might be just the solution you need.

Visit their website for full details.