After filming with Silent R Productions for 7 years for Tactical Impact, Tactical Arms and TAC-TV – all on the Sportsman Channel – Vickers Tactical has decided to take their latest and greatest show to YouTube.

The new YouTube-based Vickers Tactical show gives the team the greatest flexibility to-date and puts them in better contact with their viewers. Vickers Tactical say that they have long felt the Internet is the future of TV and with their new show they are putting their best efforts in that direction.


So if you want to see tons of great firearms and shooting related content, featuring the LAV Machine himself, subscribe to the Vickers Tactical YouTube Channel, and also let their sponsors know you appreciate their support – because without them the show would not be possible.

Now, here for your viewing pleasure is something guaranteed to make Hillary get her Mao suit in a twist – Larry Vickers shoots a Unicorn….

LAV with FG 42
....well not really, he does a live-fire demonstration of the features and functions of an original FG42 (which is just about as rare as a Unicorn - but more fun).