Terrain 365™ introduces their new Otter Slip Flip-AT. Another variant of their popular Otter Series, which is a straightforward, detent type, slip-joint flipper.

Made with 100% rustproof “All Terrain” construction, featuring their dendritic cobalt Terravantium™ blade alloy, custom turned titanium hardware throughout, titanium pocket clip and ceramic bearings. The Otter Slip Flip-AT is available in full titanium or carbon fiber handles with a titanium detent leaf.

It is also the most economical model in the Terrain 365 offering. This compact slipjoint is edge holding, quick, light, and engineered for practical use in any environment on land and even under water, without ever rusting, pitting or staining anywhere on the knife.

Creative Director and Co-Founder Patrick Ma of Terrain 365 added:
“The Otter Slip Flip-AT is in our full rustproof ‘AT’ configuration and probably in its simplest configuration as a folder. Simple, elegant in form, easy to use with one-hand and slips into any pocket.”

The Otter Flip-AT is available with Terravantium™ blades and either full titanium billet (for $235) or carbon fiber handles (for $225). Check the Terrain 365 website for further details.