There can be no question that drones are a very big thing these days. Military and law enforcement units around the world are adding them to their arsenals, and operational scenarios, at a rapid rate, and the use of “hobby” drones for criminal purposes by hostile elements and groups has become more and more of a significant threat as well.

At the same time, systems designed to knock drones out of the sky and/or to disable them in order to keep out of restricted airspace and exclusion zones are also being developed and rolled out at an unprecedented pace. Whilst some UAS defence systems can be as simple as a vest-worn signal jammer or a portable, shoulder-fired, net launcher, Rheinmetall has developed a much more sophisticated mobile system for defending airfields and other types of large high-value installations from drone intrusions or attacks.

Rheinmetall Electronics’ counter UAS system consists of specially designed sensors and effectors capable of detecting, tracking and defeating even the smallest micro-UAV. It can be deployed stationary or on vehicles and interfaces to other command and control systems for the reception or transmission of data. Whilst it might look like the proverbial using-a-sledgehammer-to-crack-a-walnut scenario to use this system against a single small UAV, don’t forget that even a very small UAV can carry very sophisticated sensor payloads or enough explosives to take out critical equipment.

Check out the promo video for a demonstration of how the system works:

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