As you can see, we’ve now taken up residence at a different address – and you’ll see that things look a little bit different…

The biggest thing you’ll probably notice is that we can now host advertising.  This won’t compromise our content or indpendence in any way, but it does mean that we’ll be able to bring you even more – and even bigger things. 

If you’re a retailer, manufacturer or service provider and would like to talk about our advertising packages, then please get in touch (click on the “Contact Us” button above).

The other thing that you’ll begin to notice is that we’ve expanded our editorial team.  Up until now, Strike-Hold! has largely been my personal labour of love – with some help from Simon Chambers, “Pensive Agent Kerberos”, and a few others from time to time.  Clearly, there is a lot more out there than one or two people can really do justice to on their own, so you’ll begin to also see more posts from our newest team-mate – Scott Bain (founder of the EverydayTactical blog).

If you’re a current or former real-deal military or law enforcement operator (land, sea, air or all of the above), or an experienced milsim / tacsim airsofter, or an active real-steal shooter, and you’ve the will and the skill to write about what you know – then please also use the “contact us” button to get in touch.

One thing you won’t notice, is any loss of quality, content or focus.  We’ve brought all our content except for a few of our Friday Fotos over to our new home, and our old site is still alive and kicking too.  So any links you have to our archive of articles will still work, and you’ll also be able to find all of our archived content here in our new location too.