Our friends at the SPARTAN.AT blog recently reviewed the UF PRO P-40 Camou Pants in Hyde Definition’s PenCott-GreenZone camouflage.  Here we present an English language translation of that article.


If you go into the forest and almost lose your pants, it’s probably because they’re in PenCott camouflage.

UF PRO Camou_1

At any rate we were glad that we did find our pants again, because they were the outstanding P-40 Camou pants from Slovenian manufacturer UF PRO.

In addition to their commercial products, UF PRO also produces uniforms for the Slovenian Army, Prison Services and Customs Department.  At the IWA 2013, these guys from the southern edge of the Alps showed a bunch of new gear that thrilled all visitors their stand – and not only because of the outstanding camouflage effect of the PenCott series of patterns, but also because of the cutting edge materials and features UF PRO packs into their products. Plenty of reasons then for SPARTAN.AT to take a close look at these new pants from the house of UF PRO.


For the P-40 Camou Pants, the Slovenians chose a different camouflage than any of the standard European military patterns, or the omni-present MultiCam. The camouflage they chose is the PenCott® range from Hyde Definition. The P-40 Camou pant is available in the GreenZone™ variant (pictured) and the BadLands™ variant for drier/browner landscapes. GreenZone fits perfectly in a green environment such as the late spring forest where we took our photographs. The camouflage pattern is much more complex than classic pixel patterns and provides an excellent camouflage effect.  Besides the highly effective camouflage pattern, these pants are also great to wear. Unlike most combat trousers, these do not feature a baggy cut.  Instead, they feature a slimmer, snugger style like civilian jeans for a perfect fit – in fact, UF PRO even size them like normal jeans.


When we took an up-close detailed look, we were won over by the pants combination of classic features as well as some very good and innovative ones. To start with, the pants are not buttoned, but have a zipper fly. Moreover, just like any proper outdoor or mountain pants, the waist is a double locked with a button and hook giving extra security.

Double security is also the name of the game when it comes to the belt loops.  You feed your trouser belt through the sewn-down, inner loop of the double belt loop system.  Then the outer loops (which are fastened with Velcro) can be opened up and fastened around your loaded duty belt.  In this way your duty belt sits neatly and comfortably secured in place.  UF PRO has also executed a nice detailed solution for managing the draw cord in the pant cuffs as well. Once its pulled as tight as you want, the end of the shock cord is stuffed into a fabric “tunnel” so that it doesn’t dangle around freely at your angles and present a snagging hazard.


At first glance it is also apparent that the trousers are made of two materials.  The PenCott camouflage fabric forms the body, but there are also areas that are clearly covered by a brown-coloured stretch fabric from Schoeller. In the upper rear area, this looks similar to the Crye combat pants, but UF PRO went one step further and also covered most of the seat in the stretch fabric as well. The milspec 50/50 NyCo ripstop camouflage fabric is strong and light-weight, the Schoeller stretch fabric is flexible and durable. The result is that the pants as robust as combat trousers need to be, but at the same time as flexible as modern high-end mountain pants.

The pants also have plenty of useful pockets as well. On the calves there are two zipped pockets and the front pockets have “secret” zipped pockets as well.  The right and left thigh pockets are quite innovative. Both have two zippers: one is a horizontal zipper through which you can access the pocket from the top. The other is a horizontal zip that allows easy access when seating, squatting or kneeling – whilst also keeping your pocket’s other contents secure. Through the use of robust zippers UF PRO also avoids the classical problem of Velcro – that it is too loud in critical moments.


Even though the pants feature a close cut like a normal pair of trousers, they also still have a built-in compartment for removable knee pads. The bright orange D30 knee pads are housed in a grey bag that slips into the knee pad compartment. D30 is a silicone-based polymer with a soft, elastic feel during normal wear. Upon impact with a hard surface, the substance’s molecules “lock up” through a chemical reaction that hardens the material and reduces the effect of the blow.  Once again UF PRO has found an excellent and innovative solution.


Finally, to extend the seasonal usefulness of the pants there is even a Windstopper® lining that can be zipped into the pants when the weather gets cold.


The P-40 Camou Pants from UF PRO is certainly one of the best pair of pants that has come our way in recent times – especially as it combines a civilian-style cut with the practical requirements of military trousers – and does so without copying Crye.  From a comfort perspective, the P-40 Camou is a trekking or mountain pant, but is built for heavy duty use – robust materials meet excellent workmanship and innovative features. But these are not gimmicky innovations – they are solid features that work.  We were excited by the P-40 Camou Pants and we are also very excited about the arrival of the matching combat shirt.



The UF PRO P-40 Camou Pant in GreenZone™ and BadLands™ camouflage can be bought directly from UF PRO for 144 Euros (excluding shipping). The knee pads cost an extra 38.40 Euros. And the WINDSTOPPER® lining costs an extra 76.80 Euros.

The UF PRO P-40 Camou Pants are also available from Recon Company for 149.95 Euros.

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