Unlike most current plate-carriers on the market, the “SALAMANDRA” comes in a ready-to-go configuration.  Rather than needing to buy all of your pouches separately – and the resulting ‘some-assembly-required’ approach needed to get ready for the field – the Salamandra includes all basic pouches – and even a backpack – already attached.  

Besides being a smarter and easier purchase process, the pre-configured, ready-to-go nature of the SALAMANDRA also makes you tactically more efficient and effective and reduces your gear-admin time as well.  In addition to these points, the SALAMANDRA also offers other key features and benefits worth taking a closer look at…


One of the cool things about this plate carrier, and other Israeli plate-carrier designs, is the fact the buckles and other adjustment parts do not have a direct contact with the user’s body – they also don’t get in the way of other equipment such as backpack straps, comm’s, etc.  The carrier’s shoulder straps also conform with the shape of the user’s shoulders and are bulky.  All of this makes the rig much more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Plate Carriage

The SALAMANDRA was originally designed for the Israeli ‘Karmon’ ceramic plates. But due to a smart design, which looks like two wings, you can easily insert a SAPI plate and the vest will keep it in its proper place – preventing the plate from moving around (once the rig has been properly adjusted to the user).


The SALAMANDRA has a unique shape design that was originally designed based on field experience and dedicated research. The designers overcame many problems that the end-users have experienced with other designs and developed a carrier that offers an ideal combination of comfort and freedom of movement, without compromising safety.



  • 1 utility pouch with quick release option
  • 2 utility pouches on the upper chest, suitable for first aid kits /tourniquets /bandages or grenades
  • 6 magazine pouches, each can carry up to two magazines (5.56 /7.62)
  • 3 small pouches for pistol magazines /chem-lights / tools
  • 2 grenade pouches on the side – one of them with a quick-release – suitable for most modern frag
    grenades (M61 HE M67 HE,DM 51)
  • 1 well-secured pouch for smoke grenades (Mk18,L83a1) – can be alternatively used as a pouch
    for sat-phone
  • 1 pouch for IFAK – could be used also for 2 magazines (5.56 /7.62)
  • 2 points for securing equipment


  • 1 small backpack
  • a wide compartment for hydration pack, up to 6 liter
  • 1 radio pouch (compatible with AN/PRC-117F)
  • 1 Pouch for personal radios such as the AN/PRC-152 and the SEM-52A
  • 2 compartments for personal items
  • 1 external pouch for magazines / grenades
  • collapsible helmet pouch

Technical info

  • Weight: 1.68kg
  • Main material:  1000D Cordura nylon
  • Inner material: 3D netting for maximum airflow