SOD Gear of Italy is renowned for making extremely high-quality clothing and gear for special operations forces. Now they also have released their Sniper System – comprising a boonie, parka, and “salopette” (ski-style trousers with built-in bib and suspenders.

The main fabric used for the suit is 50/50 NyCo, with Cordura nylon added at stress points for added durability.  The suit also incorporates the Ghillie base of a para-cord web over the entire back of the torso, hood, arms and legs for the attachement of scrim and vegetation.

SOD Gear Spectre Sniper Parka

The Parka also has removable padding on the front for added protection and comfort when laying prone for extended periods of time.  The Salopette also features added protection through a panel of 1000D Cordura nylon covering the entire front thigh and knee region on the legs.

The Parka and Salopette feature cargo pockets to carry the scout/sniper’s essentials. One pocket is designed to hold a radio with cable pass-throughs. There are also two arm pockets for additional small items.

SOD Gear Spectre Sniper Salopettes

Adjustable leg cuffs provide a secure fit over the boots, and a special hook is integrated to allow a drag bag to be secured to the user. A special hydration system is also integrated directly into the parka.


In the photo above, Craig “Sawman” Sawyer tests a proto-type of the Spectre Sniper System in PenCott-BadLands.

 The Spectre Sniper System is currently available in SOD Gear’s HCS (Hybrid Coyote Sage) color.