By Scott Bain

(images courtesy of INFORCE)

When is a flashlight more than just a flashlight?  When it is connected to 16 inch barrel and a high capacity magazine, that’s when!   I’m an ardent supporter of the armed individual and the belief that everyone has the right to self defense. I also believe you need the right tool to do the right job and INFORCE has made just that.

Now, I love flashlights and everybody knows this. The brighter the better and the more features they have the more I like them. Well, here comes the INFORCE WML, it’s an innovative piece of equipment that rail mounts onto a long gun and provides a crisp, brilliant beam of light that is more than adequate to illuminate your target and the surrounding area.

The WML is constructed from a light weight fiber composite that is durable, rugged and uses one 123A battery. Mounting is simple and tool free with the light attaching to any standard 1913 rail. At 125 lumens in the high setting, 60 in the low and a strobe, this will be the last light you ever buy for your rifle….

Batter Up!

So I mount the light to my rifle and boy, does it make a difference! It’s replacing a “gun show special” pressure tape activated incandescent light that was a little to heavy for this application. With the new light on I shouldered the rifle to get a sight picture and WOW! Not only did it light the whole room up but there was a noticeable weight reduction in my rifle system! There were no hotspots in the beam, just intense, clean white light.

The ergonomics of the INFORCE WML are what really makes it special! Gone is the tape switch and in its place is a pressure switch mounted under a rubber cover/seal which contributes to it being waterproof to 66 feet! When the light is mounted to the front rail, the thumb of your support hand naturally rests at the ready on the switch!

To prevent accidental activation, INFORCE has added a switch cover that flips up and down with ease. Of course you are also able to secure the light by twisting the bezel but the rear safety is where its at! Now, I referred to it as a safety because that’s what it feels like when you are taking it on and off…its really cool! I have flipped this safety up and down well over 100 times without any concerning reduction in the friction that holds it either on or off.

The light has three modes…High…Low…and Strobe. All three modes are easily accessed through the one button interface. I’m not going to get into it here, but is very intuitive they way that it works. Plus you can change it to Low to High and disable the Strobe! INFORCE has really thought of it all with this one!

Send in the Clowns…

Now, I had attached the light to my rifle and was well aware of the illumination it could provide indoors and wanted to see what it could do outside. Apparently, going about at night outside with a rifle and a light attached to it is considered a social faux-paw…Go figure! So I took the light out alone…Holy Cow!! This thing lit up my neighborhood like it was daylight! The WML flooded my backyard and those of the surrounding homes with ease and from the front yard the houses across the street glowed in the crisp white light cast by the super bright LED.

I decided it was time to take this show inside when porch lights began turning on and front doors were starting to open! Crossing the threshold into my house I figured now would be a good time to test the strobe…My littlest one upon seeing the flashing shouted dance party and I was greeted by two little grinning faces that had caught sight of the carnage of illumination that was unleashed. The music started, I re-activated the strobe and everyone had a blast!

An Interesting  Twist…

In all the testing, this little light didn’t fail to impress…It is a solid product that will serve you well. In fact, it has replaced my Surefire as my everyday light! The mount tends to dig into my thigh when pocketed, but it is a small price to pay to have such a great light on hand!

INFORCE has a great performer here. From the light-weight body, easy mode transitions and unique safety to prevent accidental activation it is clear that they know what they are doing! This light is the product of out of the box thinking and a clear understanding of what is needed in a weapon light. The only drawback I could find is that it wouldn’t fit on my pistol!

More information about the WML, and all of INFORCE’s products, can be found on the INFORCE website.

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