Yes, boys and girls – its looking likely…

The latest news from Hyde Definition is that the fabric has been printed and is now being treated with “an advanced nano-technology treatment which gives it soil, stain and water repellence – without affecting the look or feel. Following this it will be sent to our nearby manufacturer for making up.”

They also report that the production versions of the shirt and boonie hat have been slightly altered from the prototype: the mesh outer chest pocket is now gone from the shirt, and the boonie hat doesn’t have a foliage band around the base anymore.

In addition, their website “has had a bit of a revamp, becoming more of a shop window than an information portal, while the online store now features actual product photos rather than mock-up artwork.”

In the meantime, here are some new photos:
pencott-subscriber_pic  pencott-field11  pencott-field12  pencott-field18  pencott-field20

shirt01fit  trsr05fit  boonie01fit

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