I have had this bag for about 3 years now and it shows no signs of giving up! The handle, hardware and zippers are the same as the day I got it. Don’t let the name fool you, there is nothing “Handbag-ish” about this thing. It has a tough rugged appeal, yet won’t scream “Look at me! I’m a PMC!”

The bag is the perfect size for taking to the range, the zoo or on a day hike through a zombie infested park! The two outside pockets at either end can accommodate anything from handheld radios to bottles of water.

It has a waterproof HAWK-TEX bottom that allows the bag to sit flat when loaded which is a big plus when putting it on an empty passenger seat with the flap open, plus a rubber grip provides positive traction on the bag’s handle. Both of these things make for easy access of your gear and a sure grip if you need to grab it and go!

Looking inside you will find a mesh pouch with a zipper on the underside of the flap. It is just the right size to hold memory cards, headphones or spare batteries. Still on the flap and below the pouch are two thick elastic loops that are more than enough to secure a flash or chemlight.

The back wall of the bag is hook-looped lined to accommodate a wide variety of modular add-on’s made by BLACKHAWK! including a universal holster. One key thing about this bag is that you can carry your sidearm concealed but within easy reach. The slide buckle on the front can be silently released to give enough room to facilitate a smooth draw while wearing the bag.

The internal front and rear sections are separated by a removable zipper pouch that runs the entire internal length and height of the bag giving you a secure place to put almost anything.

The front panel has four pouches that can be used to hold a flashlight, phone and a couple of pens as shown. Most items placed here are still accessible even with the flap locked in place.

Round to the back then… On the back of the bag you will find a business card holder attached with hook-loop to the bag and a waterproof lined zipper compartment. I find that the zipper compartment works quite well for first aid supplies and is a good spot for a small notepad

Now for the cons…The nonslip pad on the strap is too small. That’s it! BLACKHAWK! did a fabulous job on this bag and it gets FIVE STARS from me.

Written by Scott Bain.

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