Our friends at Polenar Tactical in Slovenia are working on a project to create the ultimate training DVD for the AK platform – in stunning 4K resolution.  If you’ve seen any of their videos, then you’ll know that if anyone can pull this off, its these guys (and gal).

Polenar-Tactical-AK_OperatorBut wait, there’s more!  Thanks to an awesome response from the marketplace, Polenar Tactical have actually managed to fund this project in less than a week!!  So, they’ve have decided to give away Special Edition DVD Covers – FOR FREE and move their other stretch goals down to lower amounts – that means more content for free and more easily attainable new goals!

This project is about more than just making a DVD though. It’s also about Polenar Tactical’s mission to put a human face on gun ownership and to show the positive side of ‘gun culture’ in Slovenia, Europe and the rest of the world.


Find out more, and keep up-to-date on the AK Operator DVD project here.