Johannesburg , South Africa, 29th July 2013 – Innovative rescue products designed for the Israeli Army and top US Special forces were used in a dramatic rescue underground in South Africa yesterday.

At least eight people were rescued after a nightmare three day ordeal underground that left three dead, allegedly at the hands of an armed rival illegal mining crew.

Graham Holmquist, from volunteer rescue organization, Riga Rescue, used Agilite’s “Instant Harness”  a product that has become a must-have for many hikers, to lower a South African Police interpreter down into the shaft to communicate with the injured miners regarding the procedures to follow.

Agilite Sidewinder and A.R.C.H Instant Harness Set

The Instant Harness (video here) is designed for scenarios where military, police, fire, rescue personnel or hikers require a harness without warning and without needing to carry a rappelling harness with them at all times.

“There was one point when we thought we would not be able to get the stokes basket safely into the mine shaft and we were going to use the IPC (Injured Personnel Carrier) to extract the patients.” – said Holmquist, who later tweeted: “@Miracle_Medical I can tell you! That is one kick ass harness and every person in EMS, SAPS, FD, should have one”.

“We have only been supplying Agilite equipment for a number of weeks now and people’s reactions to it have been both incredible and immediate. Clients in all sectors are now buying Agilite gear from us as its quality and innovative design is unsurpassed.” Said Jennie Greenhill of Miracle Medical, a distributor of emergency equipment in South Africa who supplied the rescuers. “The Agilite products come battle-tested but they’re already facing local challenges of a different kind here.”

Agilite Systems is Israel’s premier designer and manufacturer of tactical and rescue equipment. It supplies top tier Special Forces around the world as well as Military, Law Enforcement, Fire and Search and Rescue Organizations worldwide.