The UH1H Iroquois aka The Huey has been officially retired from Royal New Zealand Air Force service at Ohakea Air Base.

The Royal New Zealand Air Force’s fleet of Iroquois helicopters has provided almost 50 years of service to New Zealand and has been a stalwart of Defence Force operations since its purchase. The Iroquois is scheduled to cease flying operations with the Air Force on 01 July 2015.


Photo courtesy of Andrew Gaskin (via HeliOps Magazine).

To preserve the importance of almost 50 years of history for the aircraft with the Defence Force,  one airframe will be transferred to the Army Museum at Waiouru and two airframes to the Air Force Museum in Christchurch for public display purposes.


The Iroquois is being replaced by the NH90 helicopter, which provides a significant step-up in the capability the Defence Force can provide to New Zealand.

11234817_647829842018005_5667392581885587998_nPhotos courtesy of Royal New Zealand Air Force.