For over thirty years Arktis has been supplying some of the toughest users worldwide with hardy, durable gear. Now with the same ethos in mind they have made the ‘Outdoor’ range available to everyone.

Arktis Outdoor’s range of quality and durability focused products also harks back to the original bi-line they’ve used for their military product line for all these years – ‘Quality of Endurance’.  Included in the product line up are Arktis’s tried-and-tested-and-proven designs such as their waterproof and combat smocks and trousers, their backpacks and loadout bags, and their Hot Climate Shirt.

Arktis Outdoor

There are also some new products on the way that will be specific to the Arktis Outdoor line.

Arktis Outdoor new products

For further details about the full range of Arktis products and services, visit their website: