An Aero Precision rifle has successfully completed a series of rigorous testing procedures required to meet National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards for law enforcement. Following that process, the rifle was evaluated with a 10,000-round endurance test.

Frozen Aero Precision Rifle.

The weapon experienced zero malfunctions during the 10,040 round NIJ assessment, even in extreme conditions that fall outside normal use.

Evaluation to NIJ Standard

The evaluation process of the Aero Precision rifle was conducted by a West Coast law enforcement agency and included the following phases:

• Initial 60-round test fire sequence

• 12 hour Freezer period with subsequent 30-round test fire

• 12 hour Oven period (120° Fahrenheit) with subsequent 30-round test fire

• Water submersion with subsequent 30-round test fire

• Sand submersion with subsequent 30-round test fire

• Six (6) position drop test with five (5) rounds fired after each drop.

• Initial zero with optic and iron sights

• Final zero conducted with 3-round zeroing shots near the end of the endurance test with an acceptable zero of 2.75 in.

Upper receivers being worked on at Aero
Every AR15 upper from Aero Precision, stripped or complete, is engineered, built, and inspected to the highest possible standards.

Endurance Test

• The test consisted of 10,000 rounds fired in 1,000 round increments.

• The rifle was cleaned and lubricated prior to the beginning of the test.

• It was subsequently lubricated in 1000-round intervals.

• The firing schedule for this rifle consisted of 150-180-round increments from various shooting positions and firing rates.

• There was an 8-12 round cooldown period between firing cycles utilizing a 4’x4′ industrial fan.

• The gas rings of the rifle were replaced at 6,040 rounds.

• A final zeroing test was conducted at around 9,960.

The Aero Precision rifle completed both the NIJ Standards and Endurance Test with zero (0) operational problems.

Aero Precision lower reciever
Aero Precision AR15 lower receivers are among the most sought-after in the industry.

1The charging handle lever on the port side broke during the drop testing sequence and the flash-hider and pistol group came loose. None of these issues impacted how the rifle functioned. Loosened parts were re-tightened.

2The T&E optic failed during the drop test; no effect on the rifle test. A second T&E optic also failed. A third T&E optic was used during the endurance firing sequence.

Man shooting rifle.

AR15 Kits being assembled
In addition to complete rifles, Aero Precision is known for offering a range of AR 15 kits for people who want to build (or upgrade) their own rifle.

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