It’s that time of year when those of us in the Northern Hemisphere start thinking about ways to keep warm during the winter months ahead. Wool is a great natural insulator that’s becoming more popular again – it has outstanding insulating qualities, keeps you warm even if it gets wet, and is naturally flame-resistant. And now, thanks to the “Woolly Pully” specialists at Outdoor Knitwear, you can look cool while you stay warm as well!

Their latest creation is “The 1945”, a 100% wool sweater that traces its lineage back to the Second World War. According to Outdoor Knitwear, “Closely based on the original Woolly Pully sweater developed during WWII, this replica has many of the fine attributes that made it such a desirable sweater of that era. We have also recommissioned the shade of olive that was used in that time period.”

The 1945 features:

  • 100% British Wool
  • Contoured shoulder patches that overlap onto the sleeve
  • Reinforced self-colored badge-holder on the right hand shoulder patch
  • Herringbone cuff edging
  • Traditionally turned welt
  • Knitted shock cord on collar (used to cinch collar tighter to neck for heat retention)
  • Sizes from XS To 3XL
  • Available in 2 colors: Special Ops Black, Vintage Olive

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