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In the autumn forest the full camouflage potential of the PenCottBadLands pattern can be seen. The uniform in the picture is the Helikon-Tex Combat Uniform Patrol (CPU), which at first glance appears to be a classicACU” cut, but is actually very different in the details. We took an up-close looked at the CPU for you in the following review.


Here are the front and rear views of the set. Noteworthy are the slightly slanted breast pockets, the Velcro name and branch strips and the rank tab attachment point in the middle of chest. The entire uniform is made from mil-grade 50/50 NyCo ripstop fabric, and the fit is good.

SONY DSCThe chest pockets can be accessed both through a Velcro-fastened flap at the top and through a zip-fastened opening along the outer edge. On the upper arms are the typical Velcro-covered pockets, but these ones are opened and closed with a zipper on the forward edge. There are also small pockets on the forearms that will hold small items – such as a compass, GPS unit, mobile phone, first aid dressing, etc. Zippers are located along the under-arm and armpit area to allow opening for ventilation.  For further comfort, the collar is lined with a nice soft waffle fleece.

SONY DSCOn the pants you will find many classic elements of the ACU; such as, reinforced seat bottom, calf pockets, spacious thigh pockets with cargo-retaining shock cord at the top, and pockets for the insertion of protective pads at the knees.  Additional to the CPU are the front pockets, reminiscent of other pants designs (such as TAD Gear) that are very convenient for items such as an iPhone or pocket knife. The size adjustments at the waist and the hem, by design follow the design of the good old BDU – why re-invent the wheel?  

SONY DSC The matching cap should not be missed. Styled as a classic baseball / “operator” cap with plenty of Velcro on the front, top and back.  Noteworth is the fact that the underside of the bill is covered with black Velcro loop to reduce eye strain from sunlight glare – and also to provide a mounting surface for small tactical lights.

Conclusion: The Combat Patrol Uniform from Helikon-Tex is a solid, well-designed uniform with many fine details.  Combined with the excellent camouflage patterns of the PenCott patterns, it provides an excellent solution set – and at a good price as well.  CPUs are available now from Helikon’s extensive – and ever growing – global network of dealers and retailers.