The Obama administration has banned the importation of Russian-made AK’s but Arsenal’s flagship 7.62×39 caliber stamped receiver rifle, the SLR-107FR, is back in stock and ready to rock!

The 7.62×39 caliber SLR-107FR is a top notch, stamped receiver, semi-automatic modern sporting rifle manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada, utilizing only the best and authentic Arsenal factory components. It is manufactured with a Bulgarian-made Arsenal mil-spec 1mm stamped receiver and cold hammer forged and hard chrome lined barrel.

The authentic US made components, such as the anti-slap double stage trigger group, mil-spec polymer stock set, left-side folding solid polymer buttstock, and a one-piece muzzle brake perfectly complete this rifle for unparalleled quality and accuracy.

Other features include:

  • stainless steel heat shield
  • 800 meter rear sight leaf
  • cleaning kit compartment
  • bayonet lug
  • removable muzzle brake
  • receiver side mounted scope rails for attaching any standard AK scope mount

Full specs and info at: