SIG SAUER Introduces the SIG AIR ProForce Airsoft Line

SIG SAUER is pleased to introduce the new, high-end SIG AIR ProForce airsoft line for professional training. SIG AIR ProForce products are designed as 100% accurate replicas of their centerfire counterparts in look, balance and handling characteristics and engineered to SIG standards for precision, accuracy, and reliability. Initial SIG AIR...

Helikon-Tex Introduces New Line of Shirts – what’s the big deal?

Believe it or not, the Polish company Helikon-Tex has been around for 35 years now - but far from sitting on their laurels the company has been steadily establishing itself in recent years as an innovative and forward-thinking provider of both tactical and outdoor clothing and gear. In fact, having...

Heckler & Koch Supplies More HK416 Assault Rifles To Norway

The Norwegian Armed Forces was the first customer to adopt the HK416 in the year 2007, and now Heckler & Koch has been contracted by the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency to supply yet more HK416 Assault Rifle Sets. The supply order will run over 36 months, beginning in 2019 and...

Friday Foto

Rest In Peace Gunny. The firing party from the Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C. (8th and I) march off following the conclusion of military funeral honors for U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt. Ronald Lee Ermey in Section 82 of Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, Jan. 18, 2019. (Elizabeth Fraser/Army)

Throwback Thursday

Soldiers from 2 Para on patrol in the Ardoyne, 1975. The SLR of the Soldier on the right is equipped with a Singlepoint occluded eye gunsight (OEG). These were the forerunner to modern day red dot sights like the Aimpoint or EO Tech and were first used operationally by the...

Carl-Gustaf – The story of a Swedish hero

The famous "Carl Gustaf" 84mm recoilless launcher rifle is celebrating its 70th birthday this year!  In a 3-part video series, Saab presents the story of the legendary weapon system. Officially called the Grg m/48 (Granatgevär – "grenade rifle", model 1948) and introduced in 1946, the Carl Gustaf remains in widespread use today -...

Brownells “From the Vault” series: Soviet SVT-40 SLR

"The very best there is when you absolutely, positively have to smoke-check every Nazi trying to invade Mother Russia." Join Brownells Gun Tech and collector Keith Ford for another episode of "From the Vault".

Friday Foto

Anti-aircraft gunners watching the aerial battle above the Ardennes battlefield. December 25,1944. Image source: